Packing and Cracking

Drama League map hands.JPG

Packing and Cracking

created by Rachel Karp and Joseph Amodei
directed by Rachel Karp
designed by Joseph Amodei

currently in development

Drama League First Stage Residency
Summer 2019

UNC-Chapel Hill Process Series
Fall 2020 (upcoming)

“In this day and age you can’t make it make sense. 150 years ago you probably did need legislators to draw the maps. Because legislators had a particular expertise that helped then in a sense. But right now I can get my 7-year-old to draw a map. And right now I feel good that he would draw a more fair map than 9 out of the 10 maps that would come out of here [the NC General Assembly].”

Packing and Cracking explores redistricting--and the widespread manipulation of redistricting known as gerrymandering--in the United States today. Consisting of a series of participatory drawing- and map-drawing-based games, Packing and Cracking uses critical cartography, historical accounts of the first gerrymanders, and interviews with people dealing with the effects of contemporary gerrymandering to give an understanding of gerrymandering both in the mind and in the body.

While providing a national overview, Packing and Cracking focuses on redistricting and gerrymandering in one state at a time. The first focus is North Carolina, whose maps have been so racially and partisanly manipulated in recent years that it has led to the state no longer being classified as a democracy.

Photos coming soon