It's in the Bag


It's in the Bag

created and directed by Rachel Karp
from George Burns and Gracie Allen's "Hinds Honey and Almond Cream Program," its "Gracie for President" prank campaign, and the real campaigns of the many women who have aspired to become President of the United States

Carnegie Mellon University
Helen Wayne Rauh Theatre
Spring 2019

developed through residencies at Irondale and Barn Arts

GEORGE: Gracie, coming down to the studio today I saw a big banner saying, “Send Gracie to Washington.” What does this mean?
GRACIE: Well, George, I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m running for president.
GEORGE: But in the entire history of the United States, there’s never been a woman president.
GRACIE: Yeah, isn’t that exciting? I’ll be the first one.

In 1940, a famous comedienne by the name of Gracie led one of the greatest radio pranks of all time: a “run” for president of the United States. It’s in the Bag puts together the highlights from Gracie’s prank with the lowlights from the dozens of real campaigns women have run for U.S. president. Old Time Radio soundstage magic, classic and contemporary misogyny, and a whole lot of campaign pins prick through decades of U.S. political noise to ask: how long will a woman becoming president be just a joke?

Photos by Louis Stein and yijun yang