How to Put On a Sock

How to Put On a Sock.jpg

How to Put On a Sock

created and directed by Rachel Karp
from contemporary American sex ed curricula
and Frank Wedekind's classic play Spring Awakening

Carnegie Mellon University
Helen Wayne Rauh Theater

TEACH: Repeat after me.
1. All opinions are welcome.
2. It’s ok to disagree—respectfully.
3. All questions are welcome.
4. What happens in here, stays in here.

Abstinence pledges, birth videos, STI slideshows, condom demonstrations. Sex ed can have it all—if sex ed is taught at all. How to Put On a Sock takes the audience on an interactive sex ed tour of the United States, exposing the highs, lows, and in-betweens of what teenagers are and are not taught about sex today.

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Photos by Louis Stein, Giada Sun, and yijun yang