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CMU Semester 2

My second year of grad school starts tomorrow! The summer was wonderful, with devising a new play, directing a new play, and seeing tons of new plays across New York. Now I'm back in Pittsburgh and ready to dive in to everything that the coming semester holds.

Chief among that is the show I'm creating and directing called How to Put On a Sock, which looks at sex education and abortion policy across the United States today. It's inspired by Frank Wedekind's classic play Spring Awakening and actual sex ed curricula and abortion legislation. It'll be my biggest project to date, by far.

I've been doing endless research to create the show, and I'll share some of it here throughout the semester.

To start, here's a recent article from the New York Times about abstinence-until-marriage education--and how problematic it is.

Enjoy (as much as possible)! And check out How to Put On a Sock at CMU November 1-3.