Maps in PA and around the USA

This past week, two things happened related to my gerrymandering project, Packing and Cracking

Our winning map!

Our winning map!

1) My collaborator Joseph Amodei and I won a map-drawing competition sponsored by Draw the Lines PA, a statewide civic education and engagement initiative that empowers everyday Pennsylvanians to draw their own congressional district maps. We won the Spring 2019 Adult West PA division and are now entered to win the entire state competition! Read all about our submission here and read about the other inspiring submission winners here. Thanks to Draw the Lines for its support!

2) The Supreme Court decision for Rucho v. Common Cause, the case that Joseph and I went to back in March, was released, and it deemed that federal judges cannot step in to correct partisan gerrymandering. There’s still hope to be had at the state level, based on state constitutions and various state reforms. But the decision was a major blow to the ability of our country to have fair elections, with Justice Kagan dissenting “with deep sadness.” Read more about the decision here.

Want to learn and feel even more? The Drama League showing of our work-in-progress Packing and Cracking is coming up on August 7 at 8pm. Reserve your spot here.

Rachel Karp